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Chuck Atwell

Chuck Atwell

Falcon Outdoors Guide Service LLC




Truman and Upper Lake of the Ozarks







6-Hour Tournament Crappie Fishing Guide
$275 for 6 hours of targeting large “Tournament” crappie (all catch and release).

5-Hour Crappie Fishing Guide
$250 for 5 hours of crappie fishing for eating size fish with the possibility of catching the “Crappie of a lifetime”.

10% Off for all Veterans and First Responders.
Also applies for grandparents/parents/guardian + minor child OR Garmin employees.


$125 for lodging if in conjunction with guided fishing.


Hi, I am Chuck Atwell of Falcon Outdoors Guide Service. I offer guided crappie fishing trips on Truman Lake in Central Missouri along with a nice place to stay. I am trying to do things a little different than most guides. Falcon Outdoors has the opportunity to provide lodging with your fishing adventure in our bedroom nicely furnished bunkhouse. We offer a package that includes 2 nights accommodation with two 5+ hours guided fishing trips for 2 people. The all-inclusive cost for the 2-day package is $650 (meals not included) and if you want to stay longer, the room is an additional $75 per night if consecutive to the purchased special. If interested, please call or text me at 816 258 3898.

Falcon Outdoors provides fishing opportunities to people from all walks of life, especially veterans, parents with children, and individuals wanting to get on the water and have some fun. Our focus is on crappie fishing on Truman Lake and the upper Lake of the Ozarks. Falcon Outdoors has put to work for you decades of fishing experience on both lakes and other Midwest destinations.

I founded Falcon to create opportunities to get active service members, military veterans, first responders, and parent-child outdoors. We serve all people but have special discounts for those mentioned previously. Since it was opened, I have considered Truman Lake my “home lake”; I hunted quail in many of the areas now underwater. When my father, brother, and I started fishing Truman, it was mainly for bass, but I soon learned what a great fishery it was for crappie. I now concentrate on crappie but still enjoy fishing for hybrids, white bass, and catfish when time allows. Most of my vacations in the last 20 years have included fishing trips, usually with guides, allowing me to experience good and bad trips to help with providing a safe and fun trip for Falcon’s clients.

Friends have asked why I picked “Falcon” and used a fighter jet. From 1975 until 1979, I served as a weapons mechanic in the USAF, working on F-4 Phantoms and F-16 Fighting Falcons. The last year I served, I helped write the weapons manuals for the F-16 and went to the factory in Fort Worth to sign for two planes for the Air Force. Although it always causes me to stop and look when the A-10 Warthogs from nearby Whiteman AFB fly over the lake or my house, we also enjoy seeing a Blackhawk on occasion.

Have a great day on the water catching delicious crappie, viewing the wildlife, and catching a glimpse of some of our military aircraft practicing their missions.

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