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About Us

Headquartered in Phillipsburg, Missouri, Outlaw Crappie Poles is a fishing supplies business offering a vast array of products, instruction and guide services.  Our business and all of our dealings are based on ethics and principles outlined in the Bible and we are staffed with honest, passionate, hard-working anglers.  Our amazing team has over 100 years of combined experience!


Whether you are looking for rods, spinning reels, fishing guides, apparel, instructional videos, or other products and services, we will assist you until you find it!  We pride ourselves on providing an extraordinary customer service experience and look forward to the opportunity serve you!

About Us
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What Is Our History?

The early years of Outlaw Crappie Poles involved a small team of professional crappie tournament fishermen.  They needed a strong rod to bring fish out of heavy cover.  Perhaps the biggest challenge came when attempting to build a rod with high quality components that even the occasional angler could afford.  The first component needed was the carbon fiber for graphite. Without this, there wouldn’t be enough strength or good sensitivity. Then the remaining components must complete the durability and strength requirements. They had it all!  The problems they encountered were that most of the strongest rods lost their sensitivity and were heavy.  These men wanted to change this!  The Outlaw Crappie Pole was soon under construction and they soon struck “Crappie Gold”.

What they developed was Outlaw fishing line of rods with qualities that included incredible tip strength without giving up sensitivity that is so important for detecting the lightest bites. The Outlaw is also extremely light weight, which helps eliminate arm and shoulder fatigue that often comes from a long day of pulling slabs from their brushy haunts.  After 6 years in business, J.R. Oldham of Stockton, Missouri, found that they were always running out of inventory, so he purchased the Outlaw business himself and soon added ”Walleye Poles” to the name.  He has successfully owned, operated and grown the business for 21 years and decided to retire and sell it.  On May 6, 2024, John and Tina Payne with Amos and Melissa Livingston became the new owners.

What Is Our Mission?

These days, people spend way too much time indoors, alone, entertaining themselves with some form of electronics.  We want to change that!  Our mission is to get people back outdoors, enjoying nature, enjoying each other, having fun, fishing the breathtaking lakes across this beautiful country and around the world.  Together as families.  Fathers and sons, grandpas and grandsons, husbands and wives, friends, brothers, sisters, you name it.  Talking, connecting, laughing, bonding... and fishing. 

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